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Application Forms  A way to compare potential candidates more easily is to use application forms. Employment agencies and a large amount of employers use these in conjunction with CV's. Making sure that you spend time and care to fill in an application form properly will not only make it easier to compare other applicants but crucially a poorly written application form will end up in the reject list! If you don't take care to fill in an application form properly the employer might get the wrong impression of you.  Taking the time to fill out a lengthy form in detail shows commitment.  Here are a few pointers which will help give your completed form maximum impact:

Copy the application form so you can do a dummy run. 

Make sure that you read the instructions carefully and understand the questions. 

If an application form asks you "why should we employ you" make sure your response is to the point. This is your one chance to stand out in the crowd! 

Use black ink. 

Use your neatest handwriting no matter how long it takes. 

If you don't know how to spell a word, use a dictionary don't just try and guess.

If you do make a mistake, just line through neatly. 

Check through your completed form carefully making sure that you have not missed anything out. 

Keep a copy of your completed form for yourself, for when that big interview comes!