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One to One - During the Interview

Help & Advice with Interviews

  • Always be courteous when announcing yourself in the reception area.
  • When you are introduced to the person you are going to see - shake his/her hand firmly .
  • Be polite, be alert, and maintain good eye contact and smile .
  • Don’t rush or doodle in the interview room. Pause at the entrance and walk confidently .
  • Wait to be asked to sit down and make sure you sit upright .
  • Be positive and speak clearly .
  • Don’t talk over the interviewer .
  • If you feel nervous during your interview let the interviewers know, we are all human! .
  • Be interested in what the interviewer has to say and listen carefully .
  • If you don’t understand the question that you are being asked, say so, don’t try and wing it, or even worse lie. Your interviewer will find out in the end .
  • Have a few questions to ask the interviewer that are relevant to the position and company .
  • This is your time to shine, make the most of it!.