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Getting all your ducks in a line

According to research, based on an average salary of £25,000 the average financial impact of losing an employee is nearly £31,000. Not including the logistical cost to hire which equals £5400 it makes sense to get the hiring process right first time around.

It's a fact that many businesses don't have the right tools in place or the time to get off to the best start in the recruitment process.  Without a well planned and well drafted job specification the chances of targeting and hiring the right person for your business is massively reduced.

D.I.Y - One to One Personnel

In fact 85% of HR decision-makers admit their businesses have made a bad hire, with 40% of new hires turning out to be bad hires within the first 18 months.

Poor hiring does not have to impact your business; spending quality time on getting your internal processes right before you start to plan your next hire could save your business thousands of pounds in lost productivity and your reputation as an employer.

From job descriptions and work flows to interviews and assessments to offers and on-boarding. One to One has created a support service called DIAL that helps improve your employer brand by restructuring and streamlining your existing recruitment process.

We will give you the tools to do it yourself; making bad hires a thing of the past!

Just click on the DIAL and drop us a line.

D.I.Y - One to One Personnel

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