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13 hobbies that look great on your CV — and one that doesn't!

Some people will tell you there's absolutely no place for hobbies on your CV — but then they'd be wrong. As the traditional career advice goes, you usually CV because they take ...

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The perfect storm.

Low unemployment, high employment, wages on the increase, and a generation of skills gaps going back to the 80’s. It seems a long time ago when we were gripped by ...

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REVEALED: Men more likely to lie on their CVs than women!

A recent survey of 2,000 office workers found that men were more likely to lie on their CV - with 42% admitting to doing so in the past, compared with ...

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Would you take your parent to an interview?

A recent survey from the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, has found that 55.2% of 18-34 year olds have relied on their parents for help with job applications. Alongside this ...

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Seven Reasons Why Summer Is Good And Bad For Your Job Search

Summer is a great time for hiring – and not just for lifeguards or summer interns! It is a myth that companies do not hire as much during the summer ...

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How to deal with job application rejection

Technology has made firing off multiple job applications easier - but as well as more opportunities for success, there is also more chance of rejection. We wanted to know how experts ...

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The qualities you need to impress your boss.

If you are ambitious and want to make your mark in the workplace, it always helps to make a great impression on the person in charge – the person who ...

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No Experience Necessary: Majority of Workers Bag First Job Without any Experience

While the majority (75.8%) of Brits believe it’s important to take on work experience when starting out in your career, two thirds (67.8%) admit that they didn’t find it hard ...

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Happiness at work improves but nearly half of UK employees will look for new jobs in 2018

  Happiness in the workplace has improved slightly over the last year, but nearly half of UK employees still expect to be looking for a new job in 2018, new research ...

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How Do I Stand Out Against the Competition?

Dear HR Professional, I feel like I need more than just a traditional resume or cover letter in order to stand out to the tech companies I want to work for. ...

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