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Are Plexiglas and Zoom the new saviours of the workplace?

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Six months ago, flexible working was the modern way of thinking that didn’t necessarily marry well with a lot of employers, who for years have ‘done like they always have’. Catastrophe has forced the employers hand ten years into the future and pushed them into making decisions that probably would have been left on the nice-to-do pile a few months ago.

Businesses have had to create infrastructure and new processes in lighting quick time, and now as we have all just got used to working from home some businesses are heading back into the workplace. No doubt for some the thought of returning to work is likely to meet some resistance.

Working from home, remote working, hot desking, flexible working is here to stay, and the expectations of the job seeker will have changed too. Some of us enjoy the work life balance working from home affords us and with less distractions the majority of us are more productive.

The way we recruit has changed and so has the outlook of the many people, who by no fault of their own will be looking for new jobs when the furlough scheme finishes. Sad as it is, it does create a massive opportunity for businesses to hire some excellent talent, who six months ago were not on the market.

How can companies recruit, train and mentor new staff when the office is half empty?

Zoom is ideal for preliminary and first stage interviews but there is no substitute for meeting people in the flesh. Its easy to be distracted on a conference call, and I would not recommend offering anyone a job before you have met face to face. Plexiglas screens across a meeting room table offer a simple solution.

One to One training and coaching is a bit trickier. There is nothing more effective in training than shadowing, demonstrating, and doing. Zoom can help with a screen sharing widget that allows the trainer and trainee to work together remotely. Its not ideal, but if done properly it can work.

The Buzz of the workplace on the other hand cannot be fully replicated by an online device. Plexiglas dividers, floor markings might make a safer work environment but its unlikely everyone will be fully back into the workplace until an antidote is developed and made available to us all. Good old Zoom comes to the rescue again with opportunities to run team meetings and coffee catchups. Also, a 50/50 working rota can help integrate people safely back into the office, not just your new recruit.

The faster we adapt, the quicker everything will start to feel like things are getting back to normal again. Putting hiring off because it can’t be done like it was before could risk missing out on a window of opportunity to hire some of the best talent in the jobs market. Trust me, the good ones will not be around for long!

One to One Personnel is an ideal solution to help integrate your recruitment process safely and seamlessly into your business. We can take care of the time-consuming process of search and selection, including bespoke advertising campaigns, leaving you the luxury of time to do what you do best and grow your business.

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