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5 ways to get the job YOU deserve before Christmas

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

1. Beat the rush

Everyone looks for a new job in January, piles of CV’s will start mounting up on desks come the 2nd of January. Why not beat the rush and send your CV into a recruitment company today?

2. Christmas is fun

Most people are a little more relaxed over the Christmas period, more susceptible to taking out 5 minutes to read a CV and more open to Networking (maybe over a glass of mulled wine). Are there any companies you really want to work for? Why not get in touch with them in December?

3. Hiring Budgets

Some companies have hiring budgets and they need to ‘use them or lose them’.  Everyone assumes nobody hires this side of Christmas, wrong, some companies are desperate to hire now. Don’t delay!

 4. Already left

Many people leave their jobs this side of Christmas so they can spend the festive season with their family. Positions will already be available, again don’t delay!

5. Nothing stops business

A lot of companies only close for a few days over Christmas, nothing stops them trading. January can be a very busy time and recruitment never stops.

So, what are you waiting for? Make December your time to push your job search ready for a fresh start in 2017! Give us a call for some personalised festive job hunting tips on 01702 46 44 44 or email

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