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Meet the One to One Team

Thursday, 28 February 2019

We are a diverse group of talent in our twenties and fifties. Some of us have been in the businesses for to long to remember and some, the younger energetic sprites help keep us older ones on our toes resulting in a great mix of time served experience with the energy to innovate and improve everything that we do. We all love doing what we do (most of time) and that’s why we do what we do so well.



To truly leverage our skills and knowledge we look for business relationships built on mutual trust and understanding. We know there is no magic answer to seamless recruitment, the nature of people makes it that way and that will never change. It’s only until we truly understand a business, its culture and the challenges it faces that we can find the people to help it grow.

When you work with us we keep you up to date on progress and advise you honestly when its time to go back to the drawing board so you can make informed decisions, recruit the right people and save money.

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