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5 Facebook steps to turn yourself into a superstar candidate!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

FACT: If you’re looking for a new job, and sending off CV’s you will be stalked by potential employers.

What does your profile say about you? You need to check NOW!  

If you’re serious about landing a new job, simply follow these 5 steps and turn yourself into a superstar candidate.

  1. Grammar and Spelling

    Your Facebook page doesn’t have to read like a dissertation or published paper but try to limit the use of swearing, poor grammar and text speak (OMG, LOL etc).


  2. Negativity

    Do you spend a lot of time moaning about your current Boss, friends, the world in general?

    Nobody wants to employ someone who always sees the worst in everything or vents their anger at the drop of a hat for everyone to see.  Remove any posts where you may have got carried away.


  3. Burning the Candle at both ends

    Did you over indulge this festive season? If everyone of your posts shows you out, maybe a little tipsy or over enthusiastic, maybe try limit those posts for a while (or even delete a few) and make sure your profile picture is something relatively sensible.


  4. Rude or Fun

    Everyone likes the odd saucy joke or naughty meme, but make sure you’re not being sexist or derogatory in any way, try and come across a bit more professional.


  5. What would your nan say?

    Have a look through your Facebook profile and if you wouldn’t show your Nan, take it down or don’t post it in the first place. ‘The Nan Rule’ – live by it.

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