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5 Reasons Why You Didn't Land An Interview

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

In today’s world, this phenomenon is creating a buzz and is more seldom known as the “Black Hole,” the impact of such phenomenon is worse since it leave candidates dampen and hesitant as in how to enhance their future applications. In any case you land up in such situation, imagining what just happen, take into account the below mentioned reasons as in why you didn’t hear back.


1. The hiring manager never saw your resume.

Before your resume lands up on the hiring manager’s desk, it has to get through the gatekeepers; an electronic screen called as an applicant tracking system, a junior-level HR coordinator. All you need to do is revaluate your resume to make sure that it is flawless and dictates the exact story in relation to which both gatekeepers and hiring managers will distinguish and value.


2. You applied too late.

An analysis shows that the probabilities of you receiving a call back tumble 72 hours after the job is available online, even in case you were regarded as suitable for the position. When you really hunt a job you are passionate about and proficient for, make its application a main concern.


3. Your online brand sold you out.

93% of the hiring managers are bound to gaze at an applicant’s social profile-irrespective of whether an applicant gives that information. And a staggering 70% of recruiters have changed their ways to some stuff about the candidate online.


4. You didn’t leverage your network.

Very often you are expected to arrive the job when your job application is escorted by an employee referral. This is pretty easy, since you can include the name of the employee in your  online application, or else, it would be best to straight away forward your resume to the recruiting team if you have good contact in the firm. Invest certain amount of time to build networks and always hunt for essential connections prior forwarding in an application.


5. it’s not you, it’s them.

If you’re going on the right track, it’s not confirmed that you will be called for an interview. This may happen due to countless factors. May be the job description may not bear the right depiction of the role, or else your opposition may have pull their connections to gain an inside track on the position even if the job was posted a day ago. No matter what the case is, understand that sometimes fortune of your application is really not in your hands.


What you can do?

Concentrate on the areas wherein you can persuade your candidacy and avoid being phobic on the ones that are beyond your control. And once you apply to that “perfect” job, craft a reminder to follow-up, set an aim for yourself to hunt minimum two other well-suitable opportunities to chase.


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