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Having the confidence to change your career…

Monday, 06 January 2020

Having the confidence to change your career…

January is the busiest time of year to change career, but it can be one of the most stressful things you can do in life. Some don’t get a choice when a career change is necessary but for most of us it’s a conscious decision born out of a desire to do something new.

Getting a new job can be exciting but unless you are making a big career move you could end up doing the same thing as before on a different patch of grass that isn’t necessarily greener than the old one. So, unless you are already on your way to making that big career change it’s a good idea to think very carefully about what it is you want to achieve and why you want to do it before taking the ‘New-Year- New-You’ plunge.

Start by considering the things you like and dislike about your current job and weigh it up against what a new job could offer. You might just realise a change in scenery isn’t going to make that much difference to your future work happiness, especially if it’s a career change that you actually need.

So, where do you start? Here are 6 tips that will help you get going…

  1. Do your research: If you know what it is you want to do, start by learning as much as you can about future employers, the qualifications you might need to get along the way, the entry points and who are the key decision makers that you should to get to know.


  1. Be different: Everyone presses the ‘apply for’ button and waits for a reply that might never come. Instead pick up the phone and have a conversation. You will be surprised how receptive most people are, and when you do click the apply button the hiring manager will be expecting you.


  1. The CV: Think about how it should look from the reader’s perspective. That doesn’t mean blatant manipulation of the truth but highlighting your relatable skills that will help connect you with the hirer in the first few seconds of reading your CV.


  1. Following up: Magic things happen when you follow up. People will give you time and they will respect the fact that you are resolute, and it might just get your foot in the door.


  1. Keep records: Make sure you write everything down, names, dates, addresses, salutations, vacancy notes and anything else about the company that you think is important so you have everything to hand when that call or email comes in inviting you for an interview.


  1. Get Help: If we tell someone we are going to do something we are 80% more likely to do it. Get someone to hold you accountable, that way you will stay on course when the tide is pushing against you.


As Thomas Edison the inventor of the lightbulb said after 1000 unsuccessful attempts...” Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

If you are thinking about changing jobs or career this year but unsure where to start, give Ian Banks a call for a confidential chat about how to make 2020 your best career year yet.

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