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Recruitment Consultants are..........

Monday, 11 July 2016

Aren’t we a popular bunch! 

You must not get disheartened as there must be some faith in us somewhere, otherwise we would all be out of jobs!  So just keep soldiering on and follow the following tips to make sure you are providing the service we all strive to achieve. If we all stick to good practice, then these stigmas can be abolished and turn our industry into one of transformation not transaction.

Recruitment consultants are awful

“They just send a continuous stream of CV’s over until one happens to be good”
Be sure to always have an in-depth conversation, ideally a meeting with your client so you can actually understand what they want from the potential candidate. From a client’s perspective, there is nothing worse than having a sea of CV’s sent over that are way off their criteria, they will instantly assume you have not listened to their needs and will not be inclined to work with yourself in the slightest. On the other hand some CV’s you send over may be exactly the criteria your client asked for, however we are all human and sometimes we do take an instant dislike to something without having a rational reason to back it up. Although this is frustrating we have to respect the client’s wishes and return to square one. Don’t take it personally if every CV you sent over does not hit the mark.

If you know you are fulfilling all the requirements they have asked of you and after further conversations you are still not getting anywhere, be honest with your client. This is something recruitment companies are not known for doing, but clients will respect your transparency and although you may not be able to fulfil their current requirement they will admire your candid approach and will most likely be in touch further down the line.


Recruitment consultants are liars

“They say they’ll call back, but they never do”

From a candidate’s point of view, this is the main complaint of recruitment agencies. As a consultant you should do your best to make sure every candidate is contacted, even if their application is not relevant to the role you are trying to fill. It only takes a few moments to copy and paste a template out to several people at once, so there are no excuses! On the other hand if you are dealing with a disgruntled candidate, be sure to offer your sympathy and understanding, but make them aware there is little you can do to influence your client’s decision.

Recruitment consultants are rubbish
 “Recruiters are lazy; they do a little bit of admin work and get a wad of cash in return”

Be honest with your client, let them know all the processes you are going/ have gone through, even specifics such as how many CV’s you have discarded, applicants you have spoke to and searches you have undertaken. It is important to keep your client up to date with your progress even if there is nothing to show for it. Providing your client with peace of mind that you are exploring every avenue to ensure you find the right candidate for their requirement, will help to build that everlasting professional relationship.

Recruitment consultants are useless
“They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

It is important to research the industry properly, and make sure you really understand the job specification before speaking to candidates. Particularly in specific skilled areas, some candidates will try to catch you out with their knowledge. Let them! You’re not hired to be an expert in their field, your job is to be an expert in recruiting the most suitable candidates that are going to not only fit into your clients business but help boost their profitability. If they are constantly using jargon and speaking about things you do not understand, ask them to elaborate. They could be using all fancy words that you think will really impress your client, but if you don’t understand what they mean, it will only come back to bite you.

It is easy in any profession to fall into bad habits, but as consultants we are constantly being judged, any lack of professionalism will instantly be picked up on and will only support the bad reputation our industry already has. So for all our sakes, listen to your client, be honest with them- even if it’s not what they want to hear and make sure to keep your candidates informed, especially the unsuccessful ones!

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