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One to One - Help & Advice with Interviews

Help & Advice with Interviews

Job interviews are daunting and a little bit of preparation can help maximise your chances of getting that job. Take time to write notes about your self, your experience and examples of how you helped your previous employers.

Confidently answering a question could make all the difference of getting you through to the next stage for that all important role.

Tell me about you?

Your likes, dislikes, achievements in and outside the workplace. Your interviewer will want to get an idea if your personality will fit the culture of their business. This is your chance to make an impression, but don’t over do it, just be honest!

Tell me about your work experience and knowledge

These questions will be all about your working knowledge an experience. Even if you don’t have the exact skills to match the job that you are applying for; don’t worry you made the interview! Employers look for transferable skills too, so make sure that you know what skills you have that will compliment the role you are applying for.

Why do you want this job?

If you really want to the job your enthusiasm naturally transpire, but make sure you can think of the reasons that you are really there before hand. If you hesitate you may risk being interpreted as insincere so be clear about your intentions.

And…be prepared to answer competency-based questions

The hardest ones to answer! This is where you will have to back up everything with some proof. You might be asked to show how you carried out a task or how you might do it differently in the future. You could be asked questions about or how you react to pressure or how your skill set could complement the role you are applying for. You wont know exactly what you will be asked, but the generally questions revolve around the same things, so be sure about what you have done and talk about what you know.