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Breaking the mould…


Singing from the Same Song Sheet

If you are paying for a recruitment service, you need a recruiter that takes the time to understand your business and the culture that makes it tick. Getting to know exactly what it is you need is essential to a successful placement and the success of the team.

Your investment in One to One Personnel comes with guarantees, if things don’t quite go as planned you can be safe in the knowledge that the issues are being addressed, keeping disruption to a minimum without disproportional costs.


Managing your expectations

Finding the right people takes time and there are lots of factors that can affect the outcome of a successful recruitment campaign. Your vacancy will be evaluated with similar ones within your sector and your expectations will be managed realistically and honestly, allowing you to make informed decisions based on tangible market knowledge.


Like having your own in-house recruitment team

With the added bonus of over 20 years of industry experience, premium access to the UKs largest job boards and the time to find the best talent and get them through all the hoops so they become your next best hire.


Spread the cost

With cashflow friendly pay as you go options and flexible hire plans that are proportional to the level of service you get from One to One Personnel and successful outcome of your recruitment campaigns. You will feel like you are getting real value for money in a first-class recruitment service


Getting your ducks in line

If your internal recruitment process isn't watertight you will lose the best candidates to your competitors which is costing your company money. Help is here with a consultancy model that gives you the tools to streamline the whole recruitment journey so you can hire right, save money and attract the best talent by reputation; maximising your employer brand.



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