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Permanent Recruitment: A short list of screened and well matched candidates sourced by database selection and web based advertising. Our service is backed up with a ‘refund or replace’ guarantee and post placement counselling that is proven to increase success rates.

Temporary Recruitment: Our temporary recruitment service is backed up with fully administered in-house payroll facility. One to One takes on the employers liability so you can hire staff at short notice for as long as you need them with the benefit of flexibility without any strings attached.

Contract Recruitment: Both long or short-term contract solutions for ad-hoc projects or interim secondment. All One to One Contract Staff go through the same pre-employment screening as permanent and temporary staff and are contracted to One to One, eliminating co-employment risk.

Executive Search: 80% of the candidate market is not pro actively looking for a new job. At One to One we pro-actively search within the 80% sector through our extensive network of contacts, enabling us to find those elusive candidates who would have been missed by traditional advertising and database selection.

Temporary to Permanent Recruitment: A combination of temporary secondment and permanent employment. By employing a new member of staff over a thirteen week period through One to One you can extend your standard probationary period and reduce your employer’s liability accordingly. Once the thirteen week period comes to an end, your new member of staff transfers to your employ with no more fees to pay.

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