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Recruitment Coach

95% of businesses make poor hiring decisions every year

The average cost to hire a new employee in the first six months is a whopping £35,000! So often businesses go through the same old recruitment cycle and struggle to attract and retain the right kind of people who are so essential to business growth. It doesn’t have to be like this.

From the planning through to the onboarding Recruitment Coaching will give you the know-how, the systems and the tools to make poor hiring a thing of the past.

How can Recruitment Coaching help your business?

  • Graduates & College Leavers Better Quality Hires
  • Graduates & College LeaversQuicker Hiring times
  • Graduates & College LeaversImproved Staff Retention
  • Graduates & College LeaversEnhanced employer brand
  • Graduates & College LeaversSuccessful advertising that works
  • Graduates & College LeaversEffective interviewing
  • Graduates & College LeaversRefined onboarding
  • Graduates & College LeaversProper planning
  • Graduates & College LeaversLower Recruitment Costs, win win!
Get in touch today and make poor recruitment a thing of the past.

A bit about the Recruitment Coach

Ian Banks started his career in the recruitment industry 25 years ago. During that time Ian has successfully built two recruitment businesses and his team have placed thousands of people in countless jobs all around the UK for hundreds of employers.

Drawing from their experience Ian has developed a tried and tested ‘best practice’ model based on the learnings of past recruitment catastrophes that were often a reflection of poor employer practice and inconsistencies.

Everyone involved in the recruitment cycle can become recruitment experts and start to the whole business, resulting in better quality hires and improved businesses performance.

Good Recruitment is Time Well Spent