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Monday, 23 January 2017

#1 Your CV is probably only scanned for around 5 seconds to see if its warrants further inspection. It needs to be eye catching and tailored to each specific job you’re applying for. Try to think of a different way to display your talents.

#2 Highlight your specific talents in a statement at the top of your CV, build your own personnel brand, you need to market yourself.

#3 Check for obvious spelling mistakes or grammatical errors? Triple check this is SO important.

#4 Give the employer or recruitment agency something to remember you by. Pick out something from your last job and highlight. For example, you reduced costs by 25% or you were in charge of managing 25 clients. Add figures and percentages.

#5 You just may not be qualified enough. Unfortunately, some candidates do not like to hear this and may feel if given the chance they could do a specific job. However, companies will always be looking for certain skills and qualifications. If you don’t have them on paper, you will not be considered.

#6 Its not you its them, the sheer number of CV’s employers and recruitment companies get every day is astounding. Sometimes you may just get lost particularly if they are using an automated CV scanning system. (Which leads on to number #7)

#7 Did you follow up? This is absolutely essential in today’s job market. Its fast paced and competitive. You need to give the employer or recruitment company a reason to remember you.

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